The Chapman Group partners with B2B sales and account management organizations to identify and solve sales and account management challenges resulting in stronger relationships, increased revenues, and higher margins for suppliers as well as our customers.

Our LoyaltyProfessional™ Voice of Customer (VoC) solution is designed to support a client’s need to gain and then act on critical field-level customer facts and insights. Our solution includes:

  • measuring feedback of B2B customer relationships
  • capturing important data (customer facts / insights) through a unique electronic survey approach
  • ensuring customer data integrity utilizing our Loyalty Index methodology and expert consulting provided by our LoyaltyProfessional™ team
  • mining of data to highlight trends and key discoveries
  • analytical intelligence (reporting) on next actions for organizational success; The Chapman Group’s Prescription for Success

As part of our end-to-end solutions approach, we also support and drive the final and most important element of “optimizing the customer relationship” – how to connect with and implement field-level action planning to create more loyal and committed customers.  Our metric-based Strategic Account Management (SAM) process and best practices integrates the art with the science of managing strategic customers, enabling our clients to grow accounts by becoming more knowledgeable, efficient, effective and collaborative. We offer unique methods and software platforms to document and collaborate with customers on “account planning” and the “economic value” being delivered by the supplier and appreciated by the customer.

Our clients, national and global, Fortune 1000 and mid-tier, think of us as not only a solution provider, but also as a thought leader, a business partner, and as their “go-to” resource for strategic account management expertise and guidance.

Learn more on how we can help your organization champion improved customer relationships, increased revenue and margins in today’s highly competitive, global and economically focused business community by checking out our solutions.