Asking the Right People the Right Questions to Get Actionable Customer Feedback Data

Do your customer surveys give the insight your organization needs to influence and impact important customer relationships? If not, you are not alone. Most organizations get lots of customer survey data, but no indicators or best practices on how to use that data to optimize customer relationships. During this webinar, The Chapman Group will present […]

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Visualizing Your Value Proposition

This webinar discusses how to “visualize” value and shares how some of today’s businesses are utilizing the VisualizeROI solution to effectively communicate their value propositions to prospects and customers resulting in reduced discounting, reduced sales cycles, increased win rates, and increased profit margins. Facilitated by: Dennis Chapman and Mike Gentsil Run Time: 50 minutes

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Measuring the Customer Experience | Going Beyond the Net Promoter® Score

This webinar helps guide participants on current best practices for enhancing the process, content and action planning components of an existing and/or new “measuring customer feedback” program. This webinar speaks to a recognized approach, Net Promoter Score / NPS®, and how an organization who is utilizing this methodology can also consider advancing their customer experience […]

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