The VoC survey data has been collected and analyzed… Now What? To continue the proactive account management process and generate increasingly loyal customers, the results of the surveys must be shared both internally and externally and acted upon in a professional and timely manner.

The Chapman Group’s team of LoyaltyProfessional™ experts not only execute a best-in-class survey initiative, they also work with you and your team in a consultative manner to make the most of your customer data and capitalize on all opportunities to turn feedback into action to improve revenue and profits.

Our process for transitioning VoC feedback (facts and insights) into action includes both internal and external activities to ensure the data is being utilized to the fullest extent:


The data collected as part of a Voice of the Customer Program will provide ongoing and predictive account / customer intelligence that steers the strategic relationship efforts and initiatives of your organization. These strategic efforts will result in improved revenue, profitability, and market positioning… only when you take action on your customer feedback data and insights by closing the loop!