29 April 2009
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A Pledge – Customer Loyalty – A Must Have!

There is one thing that I am not going compromise during these turbulent economic times – the continued respect and loyalty from our Customers; Clients, Employees, Shareholders and Suppliers! I know we must continue to earn it – so be it! I am going to lead our team to be even better than we have ever been. We are going to:

  1. Continue to make all of our Customers the center of our universe
  2. Listen to our Customer’s needs and expectations
  3. Be in front of those who we need to help succeed
  4. Make a positive economic difference in their business and lives
  5. Ask them for feedback – do something with it!
  6. Deliver extraordinary care, responsibility, products, services and results
  7. Work as a team on their behalf
  8. Collaborate on their critical issues and challenges
  9. Be more flexible and there for them – in many ways
  10. Say thank you

Just plain and simple…work harder and smarter than ever!

Wouldn’t it be great if we all do this for one another!