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The Chapman Group, founded in 1988 is a sales consulting firm that creates world class sales organizations through the optimization of field sales performance. We assist clients of all sizes, across a broad spectrum of industries, in increasing their sales through the implementation of innovative sales processes, methodologies, best practices, skills, and tools. Our metric-based sales approach integrates the art with the science of sales and enables our clients to grow sales by becoming more efficient, effective and profitable. Clients, national and global – Fortune 1000 and mid-tier, have all found considerable value in continuing their relationship with us, long after initial goals have been accomplished. Clients often request The Chapman Group to monitor performance and provide ongoing performance monitoring, training and coaching.


Our Work

Many clients think of us not only as a solution provider, but also as a business partner. We are always ready and available “on-demand” to help create sales strategy, support existing initiatives, train, and improve sales.


Our Approach

From strategy through tactical implementation, The Chapman Group’s CORE competencies include:

     • Strategy

     • Strategic Account Management

     • Sales Training and Management Coaching

     • Software Tools; Metric-based Sales Process Automation

     • Account Loyalty Assessments

     • Compensation

     • Performance Diagnostics



















Our People

We adhere to the principle of solving the causes of business challenges. Our team brings years of senior management experience and expertise from many respected industry leaders, such as; Xerox, IBM/ROLM and Citibank. We offer unique “Gain Sharing” and “ROI Performance Guarantees” to stand behind our proven solutions. 


Our Mission

To optimize our client’s sales performance; resulting in significant revenue and profit growth.


Our Philosophy

“Our Client’s business success is our business success!”


Our Values

Commitment, integrity, quality, respect, exemplary service, family, community, teamwork and fun!


Our Vision

Global recognition as a “Best-In-Class” provider of integrated sales improvement solutions.