Founded in June, 1988 The Chapman Group started its client-servicing journey as a sales performance improvement resource based on the successful sales, sales leadership and business leadership experiences of Dennis J Chapman Sr. Dennis based his knowledge and innovative solutions on his career experiences with industry leaders such as Xerox and ROLM/IBM . Initial solution offerings included consulting, recruiting, sales information management systems and sales training services.

As clients grew, so did the service offerings and the company. Training offerings expanded to include sales management (the Coaching Clinic) and account management. Dennis’ vision was to productize as many of the service offerings as possible so that clients could own, appreciate and manage these solutions themselves, rather than take a traditional approach of ongoing outside third-party consultative resources.

During the mid-nineties The Chapman Group entered a new phase of business accomplishments. Formalized sales and account management software tools and account planning platforms were developed and launched. The client base grew and included national and international industry leaders such as GTE, Dell Computer, Hercules Chemical, Monumental Life Insurance, UPS Roadnet, Axel Johnson and Williams Scotsman Mobile Offices.

The end of the nineties brought on new opportunities. During this time, The Chapman Group launched several new innovative solutions:

  • A new suite of web-based solutions for both the sales and account management communities that had embedded metric-based sales tool
  • An innovative Performance Readiness Audit (PRAs) to help organizations develop the right sales and account management business strategies.
  • Voice of Customer (VoC) surveys with a unique Loyalty Index to determine the overall commitment of a customer to a supplier.

At the turn of the millennium The Chapman Group had now become well established and experienced in the national and international sales and account management practice arenas. The company established active corporate memberships and sponsorships in AMCF (Association of Management Consultant Firms) and SAMA (Strategic Account Management Association), where Dennis Chapman Sr. was nominated to the Board of Directors in 2008, a position he still holds.

Moreover, during this time, to more effectively support changes and challenges in the global sales and account management communities, The Chapman Group’s team and expertise were expanded. As The Chapman Group team expanded, so did their clients who now spanned most industry markets including specialty chemicals, wholesale distribution, financial services, pharmaceuticals (human and animal), technology solutions, event planning, federal government, transportation, business services, and associations.

The Chapman Group’s journey to be the “go-to” resource for sales and account management program optimization continues today with an even more precise mission and solution offering that enables clients to keep and grow important customers, revenues, and profits. We continue to expand our offerings to address market and client needs, which now include Value Quantification tools (i.e., ROI Calculators), Joint / Balanced Scorecards, Talent Assessments, and Program Effectiveness Checkpoint (PEC) for Sales and Account Management Program optimization. The most pronounced growth is now being appreciated by a best-in-class practice for servicing clients’ ever growing need to measure and act on customer feedback; helping clients learn how to create more loyal/committed client partnerships.

 The Chapman Group continues to Solve Sales and Account Management Challenges, and since 1988, we have delivered billions of revenue and profits for our honor roll of clients. The same philosophy that the company was founded on still holds true today – Our Client’s Business Success is Our Business Success.