SAM Best Practices
Webinar Replay – Business Outcome Planning Strategies and Best Practices

Join The Chapman Group’s President and CEO, Dennis Chapman Sr., for a discussion on best practices and strategies related to business outcome planning. Business outcome planning is a relationship engagement process established for a customer and supplier to engage more intimately and focus on co-creating solutions to current / future challenges and opportunities. Topics to […]

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The Competency Profiler

May 13, 2015 – The Chapman Group developed this important SAM Profiler from its 27+ years of building and tuning up SAM programs as well as from the feedback received from the customers of our clients in the 1,000’s of Voice of Customer surveys that we have executed- it provides you a look into the […]

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Strategic Account Management Best Practices, Processes, Methodologies, Measurements and Metrics

For over 25 years, The Chapman Group has been optimizing strategic account management program performance by institutionalizing SAM best practices, processes, methodologies, measurements and metrics. The Chapman Group’s metric-based SAM approach integrates the art with the science of strategic account management and enables our clients to grow accounts by becoming more knowledgeable, efficient, and effective. […]

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Mid-Year Checkpoint Strategy for Sales and Account Management

Dennis Chapman presents the Mid-Year Checkpoint Strategy for Sales and Account Management; a webinar on the top 5 drivers to measure for staying on course to exceed revenue growth targets. The webinar will address how to prevent and overcome the challenges organizations are facing with reaching sales and account revenue goals and will provide proven courses of action to get your strategic account management program(s) on track to exceed your goals.

Watch the video to learn concise strategies and tactics to overcome the challenges organizations are facing today including:

Slow / Idle Account Revenue Growth
Customer Attrition
Inaccurate Dashboard Metrics
Innovating Competitive Advantages

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Mid-Year Checkpoint Strategy for Sales and Account Management – Podcast and Slide Deck

The Mid-Year Checkpoint Strategy for Sales and Account Management podcast features the audio portion and separate, downloadable slide deck from the original webinar. The original webinar which covers best practices and proven methods used by leading Fortune 1000 organizations worldwide to quantify, evaluate and take determinative action to optimize their strategic account management programs’ to meet forecasted / targeted account and revenue growth targets.

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Achieving Sales Effectiveness

One of the most critical discoveries indicated by strategic account sales team members in recent surveys was the need for direction, support and education from their sales leaders. Tune in to this podcast as Dennis Chapman, company President and CEO, discusses how to…”

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