Strategic Account Management Best Practices
Mid-Year Checkpoint Strategy for Sales and Account Management

Dennis Chapman presents the Mid-Year Checkpoint Strategy for Sales and Account Management; a webinar on the top 5 drivers to measure for staying on course to exceed revenue growth targets. The webinar will address how to prevent and overcome the challenges organizations are facing with reaching sales and account revenue goals and will provide proven courses of action to get your strategic account management program(s) on track to exceed your goals.

Watch the video to learn concise strategies and tactics to overcome the challenges organizations are facing today including:

Slow / Idle Account Revenue Growth
Customer Attrition
Inaccurate Dashboard Metrics
Innovating Competitive Advantages

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The Components of a Metric-based Strategic Account Plan

In Strategic Account Management (SAM), the Strategic Account Plan is the core document that provides ultimate value to Account Teams for effectively growing revenues, and relationships within their strategic accounts. The Chapman Group believes in implementing a simple metric-based account plan that incorporates the right situational metrics (quantitative measurements) that eliminate endless hours of research, documentation, analysis and discussion.

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Managing & Coaching a Value-based Selling Team – Podcast

The podcast covers value selling best practices and technologies that have enabled clients to realize increased margins and reduced discounting, reduced sales cycles, larger “wallet share”, and longer customer life cycles.

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The Profile of a Best-in-Class Strategic Account Manager

Learn how to improve the performance of your strategic accounts by improving the way that strategic account managers are recruited, selected, trained and promoted in this definitive guide to identifying and benchmarking the roles for managing strategic accounts and leading successful strategic account management programs.

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Operating Plan Best Practices for SAM Programs

Learn best practices for creating and launching an operating plan for a best-in-class Strategic Account Management (SAM) program. This e-book is designed to guide Sales and SAM leaders on the initiatives, practices and resources to consider in the operating plan to lead and manage a successful SAM program.

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SAM Operating Plan Best Practices Webinar Replay and Slide Deck

The Chapman Group presents best practices for creating and launching a best-in-class SAM program Operating Plan. This webinar guides Sales and Strategic Account Management leaders on how to align an operating plan to exceed business objectives, gain leadership support and organizational buy-in.

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