Voice of the Customer
Asking the Right People the Right Questions – Best Practices for VoC Programs

The Chapman Group presents survey question best practices and processes that their own LoyaltyProfessional™ team uses in optimizing Fortune 1000 customer survey programs. The best practices and approaches discussed in this presentation include:

• Develop and ask “actionable” survey questions
• Align questions to customer contact roles
• Use surveys to support and develop customer relationships
• Transition your customer survey program into a competitive advantage

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Net Promoter® Score Q&A | Customer Satisfaction vs. Customer Loyalty Metrics

Learn where the NPS® falls short as a metric for surveying strategic customers in uncovering actions that will influence and drive customer experience strategies, and how utilizing additional customer loyalty metrics can take your customer experience management program to whole new level of effectiveness and success.

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Measuring the Customer Experience – Audio Podcast

This webinar speaks to a recognized approach, Net Promoter Score / NPS®, and how an organization who is utilizing this methodology can also consider advancing their customer feedback metrics and methods forward using the Loyalty Index methodology. This podcast will help you to think, re-evaluate and re-energize initiatives around knowing and measuring your customer’s experiences.

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Case Study On Client Loyalty Converting Ideas Into Action – Podcast

Discover what clients (of varying sizes) are doing to hear the voice of their customer, and how people are collecting this information, and transitioning the knowledge from their customer into action – benefiting everyone involved in the process. — Runtime 51 minutes.

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Webinar Replay – Using Customer Feedback to Access the Executive Suite

This webinar will illuminate innovative ways organizations are utilizing customer feedback to drive senior level relationships.

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Webinar Replay – The Best of Both Worlds-How Relationship and Transactional Feedback Work Together to Drive Revenue and Business Improvement

Organizations no longer have to make decisions about which type of feedback, transactional or relationship, will work best for their business, as they are both equally important.

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