The Chapman Group’s proprietary approach to Strategic Customer Management, SMARTS™ (Strategic Mega Account Resource TeamS), is a cross-functional team-based, proactive, customer-centric engagement process designed to meet the challenges of today’s customers It is an integrated methodology for acquiring and assessing critical situational information, establishing high-level customer relationships, and managing opportunities and outcomes.  The SMARTS™ process (predictable, repeatable, and measurable) includes recommended operational “best practices” to enable Teams to align their business goals and objectives with the business goals and objectives of the Customer.

Specifically, our SMARTS™ Program has embedded methodology for:

  • Segmenting customers to be able to apply an appropriate servicing model/strategy
  • Building and leading collaborative Teams that properly align to the account
  • Acquiring and assessing critical account information for developing customer strategy
  • Launching an effective Metric-based Customer Plan to capture situational information and strategy
  • Establishing and developing high, wide and deep relationships
  • Managing Opportunities (Opportunity Management) – expanding the pipeline and objectively qualifying opportunities
  • Conducting Internal and External Business Reviews

When engaging with The Chapman Group we work with you to define your unique program requirements and tailor our turnkey SMARTS™ solution to meet the needs of your organization and the dynamics of your marketplace through both consulting and training on best practices (i.e., skills and process).