The sustainability of any voice of the customer initiative will be determined by the survey output. To ensure there is continued buy-in at both the customer and internal stakeholder levels, it is critical to effectively interpret and act on the data in a timely manner. The Chapman Group’s team of experts assists you to do just that… analyze and interpret the data to be able to implement customer, organizational, divisional and/or individual improvement action plans that move the relationship needle up.

Our team of experts works in collaboration with your team to optimize survey results through:

  • Real-time dashboards and results
  • Metrics and Measurements to benchmark individual, team and organizational progress that enables your organization to:
    – Consolidate tactical and strategic business intelligence
    – Represent all contact points within a customer including senior-level relationships
    – Be empowered with actionable knowledge from your customers
    – Integrate customer metrics into your Account Relationship Servicing model (i.e., Account Plans)
  • Tailored customer feedback reports including The Chapman Group’s Prescription for Success highlighting key discoveries and recommended short and long-term action plans
  • Advanced, predictive analytics to identify drivers of loyalty and commitment