14 January 2013
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Tune-Up Strategy for a Best-In-Class Strategic Account Management Program Part II: People

Have you ever had a bad customer service experience that made you want to stop buying from a company? — Or, have you ever committed to buying from a particular company simply because you enjoy how you are treated by the people there who serve you?  If either has happened to you, then you can appreciate that the people who handle customers have a significant impact on customer-behavior.

Simply put, good customer service = repeat business, referrals and loyalty.

In Strategic Account Management, the account team is expected to develop loyalcommitted customers.  While price breaks and demand fulfillment capabilities may attract buyers, it’s the people (account team) managing the account — and their collective aptitude that impacts the ongoing relationship with the Customer.

The interaction between your account team and the Customer can make or break the Customers’ perception; how the supplier organization values their business and their unique return (ROI) from doing business with you.  When your account team is misaligned to the Customer’s needs, the Customer will seek out alternative suppliers to better address/meet their needs.



In order to decrease competitive threats and cultivate growth opportunities within your existing accounts, take the time now to assess the aptitude of your account management teams; the individuals within your organization  working directly and indirectly with Customers.  

Following the tips in our latest video will help you recognize opportunities to lead your account teams to improve and increase relationships, revenues and margins– AND, become a key competitive advantage of doing business with your organization.


 Incorporating an effective team-building strategy into account planning is a best practice that will help you to realize best-in-class leadership.  Continuing Education for your account and executive teams will support the execution of your strategic account management objectives.