Mid-Year Checkpoint Strategy for Sales and Account Management – Podcast and Slide Deck

Jun 17, 2013

The Mid-Year Checkpoint Strategy for Sales and Account Management podcast features the audio portion and separate, downloadable slide deck from the original webinar.  The original webinar which covers best practices and proven methods used by leading Fortune 1000 organizations worldwide to quantify, evaluate and take determinative action to optimize their strategic account management programs’ to meet forecasted / targeted account and revenue growth targets.

This webinar provides executive-leadership insight on conducting a mid-year sales and strategic account management performance checkpoint around the 5 key factors that impact the retention and growth of strategic customer relationships, revenues and margins.

Hosted by Dennis Chapman Sr, President and Founder of The Chapman Group, a sales and account management consulting firm and partner to Fortune 1000 and mid-tier companies worldwide.

Watch the video to learn concise strategies and tactics to overcome the challenges organizations are facing today including:

  • Slow / Idle Account Revenue Growth
  • Customer Attrition
  • Inaccurate Dashboard Metrics
  • Innovating Competitive Advantages
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