Learning and Development

The Chapman Group (TCG) adheres to three basic principles for skill and / or process improvement:

  1. Keep it simple, relevant, specific to a need, and able to be applied immediately
  2. Learning is best when it involves experience (activities) and collaboration (sharing)
  3. Sustainability of the skill and / or process comes from continuous reinforcement by coaching and other support systems: i.e. recognition systems and tools

TCG’s curriculum is around one common theme; enabling Customers and important suppliers to be emotionally engaged by a thorough and mutual understanding and appreciation of relevancy, impact (ROI and solution), delivering to commitments, and fair and reasonable solutions that satisfy needs and address top priorities (challenges, opportunities and visions).

Program Description
Strategic Account Relationship Management (SMARTs)


Exploring relationship management practices and processes at both Account and opportunity levels to enable Account retention and growth


Customer Journey Mapping


Understanding through mapping exercises the Account’s journey at both the organizational and contact level with a strategic supplier; identifying gaps that affect Account loyalty and commitment




Sharing of philosophies, practices, and Business Acuity that enable one to attain and sustain C-level relationships


Economic Value Propositioning (EVP)


Providing in depth knowledge and skills to deliver and validate the ROI being achieved and validated through the entire scope of the relationship


Account Planning


Focusing on the process, strategic knowledge requirements, methodology, practices, tools, and metrics necessary for the creation and adoption of a Strategic Account Relationship Plan


Leading an Account Team


Enhance and optimize leadership qualities necessary to lead a cross-functional Account Relationship / Retention Management Team


The Sales Coaching Clinic


Guiding principles to execute Fact-based sales coaching to enable Teams and members of teams to overachieve their business and personal objectives


Closing the Loop on Customer Feedback


Capitalizing on voice of customer feedback to set in play actions that create more loyal and committed relationships


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