Establishing a Customer/Account Management Program is one of the most critical strategies any organization can deploy to optimize customer relationships. Strategic Customer Management is an enterprise-wide initiative focused on developing more strategic, meaningful relationships (higher, wider, deeper) that enable the customer and supplier to work in concert toward mutual goals and objectives for creating mutual gains.

Every business has embarked on a journey to identify their top customers – those customer relationships that influence their long-term success. An effective Strategic Customer Management Program provides the process, methodology, skills, infrastructure, best practices and tools that will lead to improved relationships and increased revenue and profitability.

The Chapman Group’s proprietary approach to Strategic Customer Management, SMARTS™ (Strategic Mega Account Resource TeamS), is a cross-functional team-based, proactive, customer-centric engagement process designed to meet the challenges of managing today’s complex customer relationships. It is an integrated methodology for acquiring and assessing critical situational information, establishing high-level account relationships, and managing opportunities and outcomes.  The SMARTS™ process (predictable, repeatable, and measurable) includes recommended operational “best practices” to enable Teams to align their business goals and objectives with the business goals and objectives of the Customer.

Our SMARTS™ approach will help you and your organization to:

  • Establish a standardized Customer Management Process with tools, metrics and measures to institutionalize best practices
  • Elevate the skills of your Customer/Account Owners and Teams through training on best practices (skills and process)
  • Proactively engage with customers to understand their strategic direction including goals, objectives and business needs
  • Implement and coach to Metric-based Customer Plans with strategies and tactics to help achieve both customer and supplier goals and objectives
  • Identify and deliver on opportunities that create quantifiable mutual value –Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Effort (ROE)