Relationship Assessments and Surveys

Know. Align. Nurture. Engage. Collaborate. Transform. KANECT is a service offering of The Chapman Group, where our experts work in collaboration with your team to effectively design, execute, and sustain a Voice of the Customer (VOC) program, to better connect you to your customer. Complete with a Customer Commitment Indicator and a Prescription for Success, our team of experts will ensure your VOC Program and Team:

  • Engage customers at all contact points including the senior level / “C” suite
  • Effectively measure and analyze performance (attitude) and commitment (behavior) elements of the relationship
  • Are empowered with actionable knowledge directly from the customer
  • Share key learnings and institutionalize best practices across the organization
  • Utilize Customer Feedback metrics within the relationship management process
  • Stop reacting and proactively manage customer relationships to transform them from transactional to strategic.

We only have 2 sources of competitive advantage; the ability to learn more about our customers faster than the competition & the ability to turn that learning into action and profits faster than the competition.

-Jack Welch

Obtaining feedback directly from the customer is a critical success factor for any sales or customer management organization. The single most predictive indicator of future growth is the level of dependency (i.e. loyalty and commitment) your customers have towards your organization. Therefore, increasing customer loyalty and commitment to you as a strategic supplier is a significant, if not the most significant driver of increasing sales and achieving greater financial performance. A Voice of the Customer Program is a required element of any business, and when properly executed, can result in extraordinary ROI for an organization by not only reducing customer churn, but also improving growth rates.

Gathering customer feedback can increase cross-sell and up-sell effectiveness by 15 to 20%

-Gartner Research

By engaging The Chapman Group to assist your organization in developing, implementing and supporting your Voice of the Customer Program, you will have:

  • A higher probability of the retention and growth of important customer revenue/profit (wallet share)
  • In-depth and timely customer data to influence and guide business and customer-level strategy
  • Insights into the buying preferences and strategic direction of customers
  • Knowledge to support and drive collaborative action planning including economic value propositioning between the buyer and supplier
  • Knowledge to maintain competitive advantage(s)

Except in a few rare instances, a complete and extraordinary customer experience is the key to securing customer loyalty and generating superior long-term financial performance.

-Harvard Business Review