Improve Underperforming Strategic Accounts Webinar

Nov 4, 2013

To say that businesses depend on the success of their most strategic accounts would be a hyperbolic understatement. Typically these customers represent less than 20% of an organization’s total customer population and generally account for over 80% of the total revenues. So what do organizations do when the performance of these top accounts goes stagnant or suffers?

Join the President and CEO of The Chapman Group, Dennis Chapman Sr. on this webinar to discuss 5 best practices that can improve the performance of your strategic accounts. On this webinar Dennis will be sharing how your organization can take advantage of the following best practices to increase the success of your strategic account management program:

1. Account Segmentation
2. Competency Models for Hiring/Selecting Strategic Account Managers
3. Program Guidelines / Standard Operating Procedures (Rules of Engagement)
4. Account Plan Templates and Processes
5. Coaching Process for the SAM Program

Watch this webinar and download the slide deck to learn how to realize extraordinary SAM Program success!

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