Webinar Replay – Best Practices that must be Included in Your SAM Operating Plan

Sep 3, 2014

This is the replay of our August 27th webinar entitled, Best Practices that must be Included in Your Strategic Account Management (SAM) Operating Plan. On this webinar, Dennis Chapman, Sr. will discuss the practices that world-class SAM organizations are integrating into their SAM operating plan and implementing throughout their SAM organization to ensure they continue to do the right things that grow relationships and revenues within their top accounts.

The best practices that will be covered during this webinar include:

  • Account Segmentation — to ensure focus stays on the right accounts
  • Talent Assessments — to ensure that you deploy the right people to drive SAM success
  • Standard Operating Procedures — to ensure execution of the right activities across the organization
  • Optimize Team Performance — by utilizing the right development programs, tools, and technologies
  • Measurements & Coaching – by implementing the right dashboard metrics that influence success and predict growth in relationships, revenues, and profits
  • Financial Analysis & Modeling — to ensure the right funding is established in order to execute the plan
  • Communication — to ensure the right messaging and process to communicate throughout the organization creating greater buy-in

Facilitated by: Dennis Chapman Sr.
Run Time: 38 minutes

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