Webinar Replay – The Best of Both Worlds-How Relationship and Transactional Feedback Work Together to Drive Revenue and Business Improvement

Apr 28, 2017

Good news!!! Organizations no longer have to make decisions about which type of feedback, transactional or relationship, will work best for their business, as they are both equally important and necessary in order for any organization to effectively drive improvements and overachieve goals/objectives. Join The Chapman Group’s resident expert on all things customer feedback, Lisa Gaskin, to learn how today’s top companies have been successfully integrating relationship (loyalty) and transactional feedback into exponential success. On this webinar Lisa will highlight and discuss:

  • What constitutes transactional and relationship feedback–The key differences and values of each
  • Why organizations MUST implement both
  • How to integrate them (transactional and relationship/loyalty) in strategies that drive revenue, relationship, and business improvement

As part of the Executive Team and The Chapman Group’s resident feedback guru, Lisa Gaskin is responsible for Corporate Planning and Strategy Development. She has spent the past decade implementing customer feedback programs all the while helping to shape the metrics, methodology, and best practices of The Chapman Group’s LoyaltyProfessional services.


Run Time: 56 minutes

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