Webinar Replay – Metric-based Account Segmentation

Mar 31, 2014

At the foundation of successful strategic account management organizations is a solid, predictive, metric based account segmentation model that determines exactly who is and who is not a strategic account. The best organizations run their account base through this type of segmentation model on an annual basis to re-determine their list of strategic accounts (things do change), and to stay out in front of account needs enabling them, as an organization, to plan appropriately and manage proactively.

On this webinar, The Chapman Group’s President and CEO, Dennis Chapman Sr. will bring this segmentation model to life by:
1. Defining the factors that make up and impact the segmentation model
2. Illustrating a simple measurement system for the account segmentation model factors
3. Describing the way clients are utilizing the output to develop account strategies and tactics


Facilitated by: Dennis Chapman Sr.
Run Time: 42 minutes

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