The Components of a Metric-based Strategic Account Plan

Jul 9, 2013

In Strategic Account Management (SAM), the Strategic Account Plan is the core document that provides ultimate value to Sales and Account Teams for effectively growing revenues, and relationships within their strategic accounts.  The Chapman Group believes in implementing a succinct metric-based account plan that incorporates the right situational metrics (quantitative measurements) that eliminate endless hours of research, documentation, analysis and discussion.

In this guide, ‘Best-in-Class Strategic Account Plan’, The Chapman Group provides you with an overview and description of all the core components and key metrics that make up our simple metric-based approach. The framework of this strategic account plan has been successfully implemented, and is currently utilized by Fortune 1000 sales organizations in a multitude of industries including Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, IT/Technology and even branches of the Federal Government.

Download this concise 2-page white paper now to discover what successful sales organizations are currently doing to create a proven world-class strategic account plan.

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