eBook | The Profile of a Best-in-Class Strategic Account Manager

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Strategic Account Management, White Papers

 The Profile of a Best-in-Class Strategic Account Manager

Definitive Guide to Identifying the Best Candidates to Manage and Lead Strategic Accounts

Many strategic account management (SAM) programs are built upon a successful sales operation and sales team. The challenge is that sales leaders often believe that the sales people who were so instrumental in creating the successful sales organization will intrinsically become successful strategic account managers (SAMs) and lead an emerging SAM program.  What has been discovered, much like having the “right” executive chef heading the right restaurant, SAM programs are known to prosper best when an evaluation model, the right process and talent assessment tools are used to establish the “right” team.  Once SAM experts are hand-picked by the right criteria and are in position, the probability of success increases exponentially.

This guide leads SAM program leaders and SAMs to identify and measure the impact of having the “right” chefs running the SAM kitchen!

In this guide, we present the Behaviors, Competencies, Aptitude, Skills, Style, as well as Intangibles that make up the profile of a best-in-class strategic account manager.  Get the eBook here.


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